Passerby, the music artist, brings a unique blend of experiences to their artistry. Born in Britain, raised in Ireland with a family background from Libya, their journey embodies diversity and resilience.

Passion for music ignited early in Passerby’s life, thanks to a tangerine introduction from their father. Their upbringing split between Libya and Ireland provided a contrasting mix of cultures and experiences, with a profound impact on their music.

Living through the upheaval of the 2011 Libyan uprising, Passerby encountered the harsh realities of war and survived close encounters with death amid NATO bombings and Gaddafi’s regime.

These trials and triumphs have shaped Passerby’s identity and music, infusing their work with depth and a unique storytelling perspective that encompasses war, love, and the vibrant city of Dublin.

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NAVAJO – hiphop, rnb, chill pop

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