Rafael Jannotti

Rafael Jannotti

Rafael Jannotti‘s journey into the music scene in Belo Horizonte began with live gigs performing covers, showcasing a versatile range from grunge to pop and rock.

Embracing his passion for music, he transitioned to creating original songs during the pandemic, refining his skills from the comfort of home.

With a diverse musical background, Rafael ventured into collaborations with DJs, blending his compositions with their production expertise, resulting in EDM tracks. Eager to expand his musical horizon, he dedicated himself to mastering music production, unveiling a new realm of creativity.

Currently immersed in a synthwave, retro 80s pop-rock vibe, Rafael is gearing up for his debut solo track “If I Could,” scheduled for release on April 10, 2024.

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If I Could – 80s pop rock

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