Clay Irwin was born in Canada. He plays guitar and harmonica, as well as writes songs 

He is a fan of Neil Young. Waylon Jennings. Elvis Presley. the Beatles. and everyone who plays music.

Listen to Rain Train

Clay Irwin’s songs can be purchased on some of the usual platforms like iTunes and Amazon and streaming on Spotify (and made to our songlist).

Interestingly, Clay’s music is also available at Songbay. If you like “Rain Train” you can buy it as a download for personal use (enjoyment) or license it to use publicly.

That’s pretty cool.

According to Songbay“All material for sale at Songbay is entirely original and free from any publishing restrictions. Users can purchase music and lyrics of every genre and use them for every conceivable purpose. For example, in a TV commercial, a business presentation, or a film. Purchase a song as a digital download or use a section for sampling use. Re-record your own version of a song, add a lyric to your own audio. Many of our artists even allow buyers to purchase the entire copyright to their songs/lyrics.”

From the little bit I found out about Clay Irwin, it sounds like he has a passion for music and would “love to hear my music in movies and tv some day” as he notes on his youtube video.

I hope so too.

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