Rawinked – bringing fresh new vibes

Rawinked – bringing fresh new vibes

Born on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio, artist RawInked‘s musical journey was heavily influenced by legends like Tupac, DMX, and Michael Jackson, shaping his unique style.

Dancing in local areas, he honed his craft and developed a club sound that would captivate audiences across Ohio.

With catchy lyrics and a penchant for bringing fresh vibes, RawInked ventured into music in 2014, quickly gaining recognition through his dedicated work ethic and consistent content on social media, inducing a buzz on his Instagram account.

Despite a near-death experience in 2019, he found solace in faith, embarking on a new chapter by spreading the Gospel through albums like “Raw 5” and “I’m Raw 6,” reflecting a testament to his journey of growth and resilience.

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Make It Bounce – hip hop, rap

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