Music knows no boundaries or age limits. It is clean from all sort of hate and is genuinely pure. Where most people think music and instruments are only for the elderly, there are young minds entering in the field and shocking the world with their amazing music skills! As much as this may sound untrue, the entrance of Sam Vaughn surely comes as a great shock.

The Young Talent

At a very tender age of 7 years, Sam started showing interest in music, thus willingly learned how to play guitar. But when this wasn’t enough to satisfy the hunger inside of him, he moved forward to learn new instruments including saxophone and clarinet, all of which created beautiful Jazz music.

And so, this is how this young, upper talented lad becomes a rising star at the blooming age of 16 years.

When talking about Jazz, there are many artists that came into mind but not everyone is as good and young as Sam Vaughn. The guy is a plethora of talent, holding skills that are unmatched. Sam not only knows how to play different instruments but creates magic with them.

Where most people find conventional Jazz music boring and dull, Sam has given it a whole new direction by modernizing the note, creating melodies that are divine.

The Path to Success

Sam worked his way through performing as a lead tenor with the Oklahoma Youth Jazz Ensemble at the Jazz Hall of Fame in New Orleans for a good 3 years. Since his talent has gained attention worldwide, bigger artists and names belonging to Jazz music have honored him by playing by his side. From Donny McClaslin to Edmond Jazz Orchestra, this young lad has played with a few and ready to perform with others in the coming months.

The crowd always gets to see his bold and energetic side, while on the other hand, this lad is God fearing, playing for the church since young and cherishing his relationship with Creator. 

Sam is known to put up a great show, playing various instruments simultaneously without missing his beat. His performances are lively and melodies are simply outstanding which is why, he has been able to gather such amazing fan following at a small age and in such a short span of time.

His melodies are groovy and neat, tempting those listening to it to move a leg. Sam’s music is filled with great enthusiasm and uniqueness, this is why, those who hear it once cannot stop listening to it. From upbeat music to nifty melodies, one cannot simply get enough of his Jazz songs. Sam Vaughn maybe young but his hunger to make a name for himself in the world of music is very evident. And until he achieves his dream of making Jazz a crowd favorite, there is not stopping this lad. He is young, lively and has a sense of music that not everyone holds and hence, makes him a sensation today

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