Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose, the award-winning artist hailing from the UK’s South Coast, has captivated audiences with her signature blend of dreamy pop singer/songwriter music.

Influenced by Kate Bush, Imogen Heap, and Jewel, Sarah’s live performances are a mesmerizing display of emotive vocals intertwined with layers of piano, guitar, and electronic drums.

Noteworthy accolades adorn her musical journey, including opening for Ben Ottewell of Gomez and supporting Liz Stringer on tour. With support from various radio stations and blogs, Sarah’s releases have garnered critical acclaim, with ‘Love I Never Wanted’ and ‘How To Love a Girl’ both clinching top awards in prestigious contests.

As her latest single ‘Making of Us’ climbs the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, Sarah Rose continues to enchant listeners worldwide with her enchanting sound inspired by art, poetry, literature, and the depths of the human experience.

Plastic Magazine rightly dubs her music as “the perfect cocktail of singer-songwriter melodies with a hint of country wrapped in a dreamy aesthetic,” solidifying her place as a rising star in the music industry.

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