Shar’s music radiates a new infectious energy

Shar’s music radiates a new infectious energy

Shar is a multifaceted artist, blending her Jamaican and Canadian background into a vibrant fusion of reggae, rock, blues, and dance-pop.

Her music, inspired by life experiences and an eclectic range of influences including Bob Marley, Elton John, and Prince, captivates listeners with its unique, high-energy style. Shar’s goal transcends simply creating catchy tracks; she aims to uplift and connect through her music, fostering a sense of positivity and enjoyment among her audience.

Embracing a diverse musical palette, from blues to dance and funk, Shar emerges as a versatile artist who continues to make a mark in the music industry.

Whether delivering upbeat dance tunes or soulful blues ballads, Shar’s music radiates an infectious energy that moves and delights audiences, promising a dynamic and lively experience for music enthusiasts everywhere.

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These Arms of Mine – r&b, soul

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Give Me One Reason – [folk, blues, rock]

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