The teenager, Sofia Evangelina- Young Inspiration, has won several awards as RnB/Pop singer-songwriter. Sofia’s intellectual talent with ample confidence, merging with her powerful voice and outstanding performances on stage enables her to absolutely be called a glimmering young artist.

Sofia Evangelina, born in Canada,

is an energetic performer by birth. Her enthusiasm for music from day one can be seen in her adolescent manner. For instance, painting herself with her mom’s mascara and lipstick and coming up with her own groovy designs, entertaining her fake audiences by bringing herself out for hours in front of the mirror.

However, Sofia’s story is different as she was not playing piano since she was born, rather she was skiing when she was 2 years old and became a proficient athlete after becoming competent by the age 3.  

It was Sofia’s mother, Milla who introduced Sofia to every genre of music starting with modern operas by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Burlesque’s sound and imagery created profundity in Sofia’s heart forever which led her to deliver powerful, fervent expressions via her voice.

Sofia was adored by the name “Mini Christina” by many people.

The old school vibe inspiration makes a soulful home for her. Along with that, her springing out inspirations were vocal styles of Adam Jams, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Nina Samone, Aguilera’s bold vocals, modernized Original Diva and much more. Sofia started swoting her own vocals, galvanizing her vocal coaches with her God Gifted ability and advancing her own style of riffs and runs.

As a young girl,
Sofia Evangelina- Young Inspiration

Sofia would not have taken the path she chose, but her music absorbing nature made her to do so. She sculpted her image in the world of music by winning the award ‘’The Closest to the Core of the Arts’’ and enchanted the audience.

At Talent Inc in Toronto, she won ‘’Overall Talent Award’’ in 2014 and sought regard from Sony Music Canada, including many other music industry leaders. The outcome of which was her invitations by 18 casting agents/ directors/music professionals for private interviews. As Sofia was outreaching the boundaries of her sporting career, her parents did not indulge herself into entertainment sphere.

Moreover, as Sofia was gaining success in both the fields of her musical calling and accelerating athletic career, winning talents contests, albums and World cups, she tried to maintain balance between both.

 It was during 2017,

when Sofia had to opt for one of two of her confronting careers. The message in her music videos in LA left Sofia, as well as her parents and peer actors misty-eyed. The message made them jolt to realize the potential of her fascinating music. It was the time when she detached herself from sports and ascended as an artist to the world.

Sofia’s career augmented with the release of her debut album ‘’Butterfly’’, covering classics, elements of R&B, soul, gospel and pop, produced by Bryant Olender, laying out her vocal range. With its release in 2018, Sofia released her solo recording artist ‘’This Is Your Song’’ with strapping music video.

By July 2019, she was awarded with ‘’Best Album’’ for youngest at the 40th Annual Awards Gala in Hollywood and it was this when her dream came true.

New chapter was coming to her life after this award. Produced by Roy Hamilton III, ‘’Smile’’ and ‘’Endure’’ were two singles recorded by Sofia in 2019.

Last but not the least,

Ms. Evangelina is not only a singer, but a model and an actor too. She is a model as she desires to be the Face of Fashion and an actor because it notifies who she is and touches her emotions. Her soul work, i.e. singing, attaches her to the people. Sofia adjoins visual imagery to her songs and becomes a sonic storyteller. She is dedicated to be a dynamite, one-of-a-kind luminous ‘’showstopper’’ performer.

As a young artist, Sofia pursues the next generations to accomplish their goals and to attain their dreams, no matter what, go drive, live life on their own terms, ‘’world needs us’’ she says. Having such a zeal and enthusiasm in her passion, becoming the voice of her generation is in her destination.

Sofia Evangelina- Young Inspiration

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