Social Robot is a rock band that loves playing music that comes straight from the heart and touches the soul of its audience. But that is what music is supposed to do, right?

Unlike the typical rock music, this band has successfully created music pieces that revolve around the topics of social media, artificial intelligence and anything related to the surrounding and reality.

The band was created by Bayard Russell, who performs as the lead vocalist and songwriter. Earlier, the guy used to record solo albums, but song gathered his artist friends and formed this unusual and uniquely named band, attracting audience with its “different” songs and melodies.

The Early Days

Bayard Russell was inspired by The Beatles in his early years which lead him to learn piano at the age of 4. Once his finished college, he went forward for further studies and gained degree in Philosophy and minor in music. This lad has been recording his music while performing with a few famous bands namely Karess, Clean State etc, but this was before he formed the band Social Robot.

The band has been successfully delivering catchy songs, written in simple English by Bayard Russell, hence making to easier for the audience to understand and connect with them.

Their music comes from the broken heart where Russell moves his way through bad situations, transforming them into wonderful vocals and music. Just like its name, the band comes with a vision to give a new direction to music, speaking of the realities rather than creating a fantasy world for the listeners.

Social Robot knows that good music can leave a lasting impression, even help people express themselves and turn things for the better. Hence, why show them things that are unreal? Rather the band wishes to produces pieces that talk of the reality, how the world has changed drastically over the years and has affected the life of millions around the world.

Music Straight From the Heart

The music may have come directly from a broken heart, but Social Robot’s rock music says a lot about the world today. The injustice prevailing, the sinking beauty of the nature and sadness that has gripped everyone, their music comes as a relief for people who are hurt, who wish to vent out, who have no shoulder to cry on or loved ones who could understand how they feel.

Russell uses strong lyrics to capture his audience integrated with amazingly powerful vocals. While listening to their songs, the audience wishes to bang their heads and enjoy the drum roll yet is enticed by every word they deliver.

Their music is clean, powerful and genuine. The flavor of uniqueness is what makes the band music loved by all. Their rock may sound familiar but their lyrics contain strong meaning which are sure to touch the soul of the listeners. For every broken heart out in the world, the Social Robot’s work and melodies work as a drug, reliving them of all the sadness and worries.

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