After Souvlaki’s “Tracks” EP, some singles and collaborations that led the way in his artistic production, Souvlaki announces the release of “Continued Survival”, his second EP, anticipated by the launch of the single 7LUNGS.

The track combines the electronic and ambient sounds that have already become the Italian artist’s trademark with hip-hop and drum&bass influences, in a hybrid between soft atmospheres and grooving rhythm.

Slim Gong lends his voice for some top notch hip-hop phrasing in French, adding another layer and a new contamination to a multifaceted and experimental track, which yet gets to sound spontaneous and balanced.

Souvlaki, who sinks his musical roots into the solid ground of electronics, ambient and alternative, does not hide his natural will to experiment and push himself into new territories. His creative process reveals his curious and attentive personality.

7LUNGS anticipates the release of Souvlaki’s second EP “Continued Survival”, which is coming out on January 15th 2021.


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