music spotlight on Sylar Rolls

music spotlight on Sylar Rolls

Hailing from Chambéry, Sylar Rolls has emerged as a remarkable talent in the music scene, driven by a profound passion that took root at the tender age of 18.

Drawing inspiration from the enchanting streets of his beloved Christmas town, Sylar embarked on a creative journey to craft something truly extraordinary.

Through a unique fusion of percussive drill instrumentals, mesmerizing violin elements, and captivating chants, Sylar has cultivated a distinctive style that truly sets him apart. His deep love for music shines through every note, creating a transcendent experience for listeners immersed in his artistry.

Transporting audiences to a distinct sonic universe, Sylar captivates the auditorium with his enchanting compositions. Whether you are a dedicated drill enthusiast or an explorer seeking unconventional musical landscapes, delving into Sylar Rolls’ world is an absolute necessity.

Dive deeper into his sonic realm to unravel the layers of this gifted artist and bear witness to the sheer magic of his craft.

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Seism – [orchestral, drill, dark rap beat]

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Spirit – [instrumental, orchestral, strings, drill]

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