Inside TABLE 4 1 and the Cigarette Social Club

Inside TABLE 4 1 and the Cigarette Social Club

In a remarkable transition, Harry Bott, the accomplished vocalist from the renowned Cigarette Social Club, embarks on an exciting new chapter – TABLE 4 1.

With an unwavering determination to push musical boundaries, TABLE 4 1 represents not just a continuation, but a striking evolution.

By teaming up with a roster of exceptionally talented musicians, the band consistently achieves a fresh and invigorating sound, guaranteeing that each performance becomes a captivating journey into uncharted territory.

True to their innovative approach, TABLE 4 1 recently collaborated with their former group, the Cigarette Social Club, on a mesmerizing indie rock track titled “Spaceman (Guildhall Sessions).”

This collaboration further solidifies their commitment to charting new horizons and captivating listeners with their distinctive blend of genres.

With Harry Bott at the helm, TABLE 4 1 stands as an embodiment of fearless exploration, constantly pushing the boundaries of music and embarking on a unique voyage into the unknown.

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Spaceman (Guildhall Sessions) – [indie, alternative, rock, indie rock]

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Spaceman / Elizabeth – [indie, alt. indie pop. pop rock]

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