Tee Kae a masterful writer, artist, and producer

Tee Kae a masterful writer, artist, and producer

Tee Kae, the brainchild of Taylor Kohut and a masterful writer, artist, and producer, has created a revolutionary blend of musical genres under his label, “NeoClassicK.”

This groundbreaking sound infuses classical, soul, hip-hop, funk, jazz, psychedelic rock, and new age electronic music. With influences that reach a spectrum of diverse artists featured on Tee’s curated Spotify playlist, “Tee’s Inspiration,” his extensive impact is undeniable.

Tee’s recent venture, “NeoClassicK Records” (NCK), launched in May 2023, focuses on fostering talent for a positive influence, near Washington, DC. Teaming up with SoundBox Engineer Solo James enables Tee to promote artistic diversity and provide a platform for emerging talents like Elijah da Profit and PRESENT.

The musical landscape is set to be transformed with NCK’s promise of innovative expression – an auditory journey worth experiencing.

featured song … 

Destiny – hip hop, electronic

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