The Artistic Journey of Leone Marco Bartolo

The Artistic Journey of Leone Marco Bartolo

Leone Marco Bartolo is an exceptionally talented Sicilian songwriter and interpreter of traditional popular music. With a profound passion for his homeland’s dialect, Bartolo’s musical prowess extends beyond strumming the guitar.

As an eclectic instrumentalist and arranger, he effortlessly weaves classical nuances with rock influences, creating a unique and captivating sound. Bartolo’s versatility is demonstrated through his ability to seamlessly transition between being a cantor, musician, relentless improviser, and creator of musical moments rich in distinct expressiveness.

Whether performing solo, in a duo, trio, or quartet, Bartolo’s live concerts are an immersive experience.

Furthermore, he is skilled in producing video sound reinforcement, composing original theatrical music scores, and delivering cool soundtracks tailor-made for personal use. Bartolo’s professionalism and dedication make him an ideal choice for those seeking an extraordinary musical experience.

Leone Marco Bartolo‘s  Me mugghieri unn’havi pila ft Julia Puretti showcases a captivating fusion of Tarantella, World Music, and Italian Folk Music. 

With the smooth vocals of Julia Puretti adding an extra touch of charm, this song is definitely one to add to your playlist. So, add the song to your playlists, put on your dancing shoes, and hit play!

Me mugghieri unn’havi pila [Tarantella, World Music, Italian Folk Music]

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Mademoiselle GPT [Electronic dance, Italo Disco]

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