The Füse – innovating n exploring new creative horizons

The Füse – innovating n exploring new creative horizons

The Füse, formed in Brunico, Italy in early 2015, has undergone a significant musical evolution that has shaped their compelling journey across various genres.

Starting as a cover band, The Füse transitioned to creating original music in 2023, marked by several lineup changes.

The band’s distinct sound is crafted by the diverse musical backgrounds of each member. Salvatore Ferrante’s doom metal and stoner influences add depth and darkness to their music, while Mirko Kaneider’s punk roots infuse a rebellious energy. Philipp Pitscheider’s heavy/trash metal inspiration contributes robust rhythms, adding a dynamic edge.

This amalgamation of influences results in a powerful and distinctive sound that defines The Füse’s identity. Their relentless drive for music motivates them to continuously innovate and explore new creative horizons.

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I Believe – garage rock, stoner

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