The musical world of edenai

The musical world of edenai

Ed Zisk, the mastermind behind the solo project edenai, brings a captivating fusion of various genres, showcasing his talents as a songwriter, producer, and mixer.

Drawing inspiration from techno, pop, house, rock, and folk music, edenai concocts a richly layered and deeply passionate sound that invites listeners to embark on an exhilarating journey of new experiences.

Not one to conform to conventions, edenai consistently seeks to push boundaries and challenge the norm, resulting in an innovative and ever-evolving musical style. With the belief that music holds the power to shape lives, Ed Zisk aims to influence others to lead their best possible existence with his sonic vibrations.

His latest single, “in.the.heat,” delves into the intoxicating stage of infatuation in relationships, blending nostalgic synths with an infectious beat and modern vocal production.

This captivating track traverses the realms of EDM, Indie Dance, and Pop, offering a mesmerizing sonic experience that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

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in.the.heat – [edm, indie dance, pop]

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