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Three more songs by, a talented musician, presents three more captivating songs that showcase the depth and versatility of his musical style.

London Dream, an instrumental piece, combines elements of alternative and pop-rock, creating a seamless fusion of genres that captivates listeners. The hypnotic melody and intricate instrumentation transport listeners to a dreamy world, where the bustling streets of London come alive.

The hauntingly beautiful Hollow takes a more introspective route, exploring themes of emptiness and longing, all while maintaining a captivating pop-rock vibe. 

Finally, Canadian Hotel takes a bold departure into the realm of acid jazz, offering a refreshing twist on conventional jazz motifs. With its groovy beats and layered melodies, this track invites listeners to dive into the vibrant atmosphere of a Canadian hotel, where the sounds of the city meld with the energy of jazz.

In conclusion,’s instrumental, alternative, pop-rock, and acid jazz offerings in the songs London Dream, Hollow, and Canadian Hotel demonstrate his eclectic musical prowess and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of those who listen.

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