THT is a very energetic live dance/techno act, formed by drummer/producer Wouter and singer/producer Bas.

During live shows Wouter jumps around with his self-created Guitar Machine with which he controls loops, synths and beats. Bas sings and loops his vocals into the tracks.

THT released their first album Poka Yoke in March 2015. This album was the start of exploring a greater sound created by this fanatic duo.

In the studio or on stage, with every song that they play , they take you on a trip of kicking base-drums, percussion, basses and catchy riffs.

On their new album Nominication the gentlemen expose a raw but also sensitive and sometimes poppy side of themselves. You can hear that they have been busy on stage and in the studio.

With THT you’ll find yourself in a dark basement full of dark edges riding a colorful unicorn… Take a fat ’80s sound with edgy basses, a slice of dark vocals and you just can’t stop dancing!

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