Time to Deck the Halls with Allison’s Invention

Time to Deck the Halls with Allison’s Invention

Allison’s Invention is the solo project of singer-songwriter Allison Tartalia. Dubbed a “singer with a sultry voice” (New York Times), 

Allison “distinguishes herself for a slightly aggressive songwriting edge and for sophisticated arrangements that range from the orchestral to the electronic” (The Deli Magazine). 

She has shared a stage with such notable artists as Petra Haden, Rachael Sage and Fred Armisen. Other music releases from Allison’s Invention include the singles “Rise,” and “If Right Doesn’t Matter” and the Sweet and Vicious EP. In addition to her singer-songwriter project, Allison Tartalia composes music for film and theater.

Allison’s Invention is a captivating music project masterfully crafted by the talented singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Allison Tartalia. 

With great excitement, on November 1, Allison bestowed the world with her latest gift – the enchanting song “Time to Deck the Halls.” This holiday-inspired melody is an absolute must-have for anyone looking to infuse their playlists with festive cheer and immerse themselves in the delightful ambiance of the season. 

Now available on all major streaming platforms, listeners can savor the euphonious notes and heartwarming lyrics that embody the true essence of Christmas. 

Allison Tartalia’s musical prowess shines through, making “Time to Deck the Halls” an indispensable addition to any holiday repertoire.

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