Tommy Gun – Going Rogue – now out

Tommy Gun – Going Rogue –  now out

Tommy Gun, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from the North West of Western Australia, is known for his captivating performances in the local pub and event scene.

As an acoustic solo artist, he effortlessly transitions into leading a band when the occasion calls for it, showcasing his diverse range of musical talents.

With a profound appreciation for various genres, Tommy’s music echoes influences from Rock, Metal, and Reggae, with bands like Metallica, Tool, The Dead South, and Rebelution shaping his unique sound.

Having shared the stage with renowned artists like Katy Steele, End of Fashion, and Jebediah, keep an eye out for Tommy Gun at upcoming events near you, where he is sure to leave a lasting impression with his exceptional musical prowess.

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Going Rogue – [rock, metal, hard rock, heavy metal]

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