Turov’s new release Tears in Rain

Turov’s new release Tears in Rain

Turov, a versatile musician, captivates listeners with his signature sound described as “music of rougher and grainier sort, one part dirt, two parts smoke, and a hint of neon synth sustained in the thick smog in between concrete blocks of a city” (according to his Spotify profile).

With a professional tone of voice, Turov’s elusive tracks create a unique listening experience, immersing the audience in a sonic landscape that blends gritty textures, atmospheric elements, and the futuristic allure of synthesizers.

His compositions unveil a world where urbanity meets a touch of melancholy, an intriguing amalgamation that appeals to those seeking an alternative musical experience.

Turov’s artistic balance between rawness and electronic nuances offers an evocative soundtrack that transports listeners to a mesmerizing sonic realm filled with swirling emotions and vivid imagery.

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Tears in Rain – [alternative rock, synthpop, darksynth]

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