A musical journey, launched as a joke, two musicians soon realize that there is much more they could achieve in life through music. With that, Unfulfilled Fate came into being.

• The Beginning of a New Journey

10 years ago, two youngsters who loved music from the core of their heart, came together to form a band that would help them fulfill their dream of making a name for themselves in the world of music.

Unfulfilled Fate an alternative rock band, proudly presented by the two man show, James and David. These passionate lads wanted to create melodies. Melodies that connected with the people, yet rocked their world with their problems fading away.

Hard rock and Nu Metal is what James and David chose as their genre. Consequently, they began working on albums that contained music that was touching, entertaining and most importantly, beautiful!

Knowing that James and David had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve in life, one might automatically think … why the name Unfulfilled Fate?

The band was named on the idea that not everyone’s dreams come true.. When a person is young they tend to be enthusiastic, filled with energy and want to rule the world. Subsequently, these dreams although vivid become distant.

And so, Unfulfilled Fate set out in honor of people who want more out of life, yet fail to do so somehow.

• The Alternative Metal Band

Alternative metal and rock is one genre that not everyone understands. With melodies describing emotions that you have always failed to express, in the meantime, you end up repeating the song to yourself, soothing those anxious nerves and stressed soul.

James and David’s music is definitely fuel for the lost souls!

Their mission is to help people connect with their inner selves, find themselves and reconnect with life. No matter how much you have lost, always remember, there is always some hope left.

This song is about the Endless Winter felt in the heart and soul.

Unfulfilled Fate’s music is dark and heavy yet a treat for the ears. Unlike other heavy metal bands, this band pays more attention on the deliverance of words instead of overpowering their lyrics with loud music. Thus this keeps the essence of soulful music intact.

Being a two man show, James takes on the role of a guitarist, bass player, keyboard, lyricist, and vocalist. Likewise, David plays amazing drums. Although, he suffers from serious degenerative disc disease, David is still able to shock the crowd with his fabulous drumming skills.

• Hope for Everyone

Some people think it is too late to run behind their dreams and get hold of them. Unfulfilled Fate gives hope to move forward to try hard to achieve what was meant for them.

Their music is genuine, meaningful and soulful. This is why people around the world can’t stop listening to what this band has to offer. Certainly, a metal band with fervent melodies and songs is not one to miss out on!