Wine Pride

Wine Pride

North Carolina Dream Pop act Wine Pride captivates audiences with their multi-layered harmonic musicianship and poignant observations, crafting an intoxicating sound that effortlessly balances introspection and uplifting melodies.

Founded by Aaron Felger in 2016, Wine Pride evolved into a four-piece band in 2019, with Ty Kozlowski and Alex Hanifin on guitars and Steve Sigmon on drums.

Their self-titled debut album in 2023 showcases their ethereal guitar tones and delicate vocal mixing, delving into deeply personal themes of self-discovery and adolescent experiences. Drawing inspiration from new wave, krautrock, and dream pop, Wine Pride weaves together nostalgic reflections and hopeful optimism, offering solace and connection in a tumultuous world.

Their music aims to inspire mindfulness and appreciation while providing a soothing escape for those seeking respite from chaos.

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SunShower – dream pop, indie rock, post punk, bedroom pop

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