24kCookie Embracing the allure of rap, trap music

24kCookie Embracing the allure of rap, trap music

24kCookie, aka David Panczyk, a 20-year-old artist from Europe delving into American rap, exudes a laid-back vibe that resonates in his music.

While not conforming to the typical gangster rap persona, he still passionately incorporates elements of guns into his art.

Embracing the allure of trap music with a focus on creating vibes rather than being a strict lyricist, 24kCookie finds solace in his nickname, symbolizing his dual nature – sweet on the surface yet harboring a savage core.

Driven by his immense passion for music, he dreams of achieving fame in the industry, with “24k” representing his aspiration for wealth and brilliance, while “Cookie” serves as a personal identifier that embodies his multifaceted personality.

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Forever – autotune, rap, r&b

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Basketball and Ho – hip hop, rap, auto tune trap

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