Groovin’ to the Music ep.12

Groovin’ to the Music ep.12

a mysoundMusic series spotlighting talented seasoned & emerging artist perfect for any playlist.

Music is an ever-evolving art form that has been shaped and influenced by countless individuals over the years.

mysoundMusic believes in highlighting the artists and bands that are just starting our or already establsihed. We strive to provide a platform for talented individuals to showcase their work and reach wider audiences.

Our mission is to give these artists a chance to be discovered and appreciated by more people. We want to shine the spotlight on those who deserve it!

Here are my featured favorites for this episode … please give them support.


  • Segun Adigun
  • Alternative RnB, Indie Pop, Christian

Segun Adigun creates urban tracks that explore themes of love, life and faith. His music is a reflection of his personal experiences and he aims to connect with his listeners through his lyrics and production.

Running focuses on the writer acknowledging his struggles and overcoming them by turning to God. It features thought provoking lyrics woven with a chill production to drive home the narrative.


  • Jon Gold
  • Latin, LoFi, Jazz, Brazil

Jon Gold is an established jazz pianist and composer who has worked around the word and has albums that have received top ratings from Downbeat Magazine etc.

Appropriate Culturation#2 is a fun tune to make you tap your foot, smile and maybe even dance!


  • Mat Skalski
  • Hip Hop, French Pop, Indie

Mat Skalski is a French musician known for his soulful blend of rap and singing, infused with intricate instrumentals and intimate guitars.

Skalski’s music is characterized by a smooth groove in his flow and multisyllabic rhymes, which reflect his love for hip-hop and his admiration for artists such as Nas,Big Pun, The Roots, and Sublime .

His talent and obsession as a musician made him used his experiences as a source of inspiration and motivation to turn his life around through music, Skalski shares his observations of the world and spreads a message of hope, encouraging others to overcome their own challenges and pursue their dreams.


  • Blackheart Apparatus
  • Alternative, Post-Rock, Electronica

Blackheart Apparatus is a one-man band operating out of Madrid, Spain. It was formed as an artistic outlet for a multi-instrumentalist, producer and mixing/mastering engineer Mikhail Eremeev.

Blackheart Apparatus specialises in electro-acoustic music using this blend to create texture-focused arrangements.

Default is a song about being stuck in the repeating cycle of depression and about using art as a coping mechanism. It is quite genre-less using elements of different influences to create the combination of sounds that was desired. The song, from its inception to its completion, was made by one person.


  • Nex-épik
  • Electronica + Reggae

Nex-épik | Accentuated Sound. Electronica in multiple genres.


  • HONEY (Honey Ribar)
  • Pop, Christian

Honey Ribar has been a busy bee writing and recording a lineup of fresh, new music. A few months after the pandemic hit, Honey’s struggle with addiction had taken a positive turn when she decided to get sober.

While in recovery, Honey spent time writing, diving deeper into her faith, and focusing on the 8 dimensions of wellness, in which she was able to process her emotions and dig deeper into the root of her pain. Honey’s new music takes us on her journey of recovery, rebirth in faith, and showcases extreme emotional depth with songs like “Oh Lawd” and “Heaven Take Me”.

Heaven Take Me is a vow. The start of my commitment to better serving him and spreading His great love. And my prayer is that Heaven takes me wherever I am wanted, wherever I am needed, because I will go… and I pray that you will too.


  • Unabated
  • Indie, Alternative

Self-proclaimed king of the short song, Unabated is the solo Indie, Alternative project of Austin Velding (Dropped At Birth, Bad Footing) in which he explores softer tones, and tries to push the role of the bass guitar to its logical limit.

20 Below is for fans of Phoebe Bridgers, Mat Kerekes, Beabadoobee


  • Mr. Shammi
  • Afro Pop, Reggae

Mr. Shammi’s latest release is a vibrant and enticing song that captures the essence of life in the Caribbean.

The upbeat tempo and catchy melody immediately transport listeners to the sunny beaches and vibrant streets of the islands. As the music unfolds, Mr. Shammi’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of living in this vibrant region. From the warm and welcoming culture, the song captures the complex and multifaceted nature of Caribbean life.

With its irresistible rhythm and positive message, Mr. Shammi’s latest song, Caribbean Life, is sure to become an instant hit, both in the Caribbean and beyond.


  • Past Five
  • Rock, Metal, Alternative Metal

Past Five is a Swedish Alternative Rockband from Borås, consisting of four good friends that have played together since 2015. Reaching the big stages is difficult these days, so we are trying our best by writing our own music that feels genuine.

Alive is about making it through hard times, it’s our “Snuff” and we are very happy about how it turned out – both musically and how the video really catches the feeling!


  • Tony Marino
  • World Blues

2023 ushered in 3 new albums from Tony Marino. Original Piano Pieces featuring 16 tracks in total, which include remixes, originals and more; Low Keyed dedicated to all the people who keep their cool and maintain peace under any circumstance; and World Music Blues with ten compositions that are based on chord progressions typically used in the blues but vary from major and minor key signatures, different time signatures and music genres from around the world.

It is not just his work, his compositions and melodies that has earned Tony respect and love all over the world, but it is also his down to earth nature and creativity that makes him loved by all.


  • Neil Levin
  • Indie, Alternative

Gone Away by Neil Levin, appears initially to the senses as a modern soft rock song, but upon further inspection, reveals itself to be a true blues song, with classic guitar ethics.

Gone Away is an homage to the past with a modern spin. It’s the kind of music we don’t really hear much anymore, and a take on it that’s unprecedented.” – Benjamin Relf (Producer on ‘Gone Away’)


  • Wes Wyatt
  • Pop, Rock, Singer Songwriter

No Straight Lines is the latest release from Wes Wyatt, an award winning television meteorologist, singer, and songwriter from Birmingham, AL.

Inspired by the message of hope, the lyrics shine through its contemporary feel and acoustically driven melody.

The song was co-produced by Ben Trexel of Ben Trexel Studios in Birmingham and mastered by Grammy Award Winning engineer Evren Goknar.


  • Astra Kelly
  • Alt Country, Americana, Folk Rock

Astra Kelly, is a pure talent with a lyric-based, melodic sound and soaring vocals. Eclectic in style and genre, her music draws from her soulful Chicago roots fused with indie folk, country, and Americana. Her performances are passionate, full of energy, and a powerful expression of her art and sound.

Her songs, like Not my Home, often mirror the beautiful grit of being alive and open the way for a thought provoking and emotive musical experience.


  • shizukesa.
  • Alt Rap, Emo Rap, Hip Hop

Kentucky artist “shizukesa.” is known mainly for his alternative style of rap, mainly being inspired by artists such as 9TAILS/Sewerperson, Atlas, and lullaby-trap era Shinigami.

Up until recently, shizukesa. was exclusively a “soundcloud artist,” but has made the switch to all platforms, uploading two of his songs –”nites” and “dead”– to all streaming services.

Dead is a mostly freestyled plugg-inspired song that describes the relatively depressing outlook shizukesa. has in regard to his everyday life and relationships, while still having an energetic chorus.


  • Masia One
  • Reggae

Masia One broke stereotypes for Asian and female artists in Toronto’s bourgeoning Hiphop scene (Worked with for Dr. Dre and with Pharrell, The Game, RZA of Wu Tang Clan and John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers).

She earned her stripes working from L.A. to New York as a songwriter and creative consultant with studio Kops & Robbers, and later moved to Jamaica to record at Bob Marley!s Tuff Gong Studios.

Now this artist is reconnecting with her roots in SE Asia and re-emerging as the #FarEastEmpress. Masia One is an artist, entrepreneur and cultural ambassador.

“One Away” is the idea that we may just be just a moment away from finding love, yet with the subtleties of time and circumstance, we may still remain a hope.


  • Young Bezzel
  • Hip Hop, Gospel

Young Bessel turned to Jesus several years ago and changed the type of music he created … some motivational, some positive, uplifting, some about life, and of course some about God.

  • open.playlist
  • social link


  • T3r3siiah
  • R&B, Neo Soul, Fusion

T3r3siiah is an upcoming fusion artist who creates music for the body, mind and soul. Kenyan born and based in the uk.

I don’t know is a song demonstrating how one minds their own business when they keep their head focused. Gossip and news can spread but can’t affect you if you keep focused.


  • Lividus
  • Rock

Lividus is the brainchild of songwriter producer Matt Beesley who saw the Covid lockdown as an opportunity to work with the best talent from around the world.

Inspired by old school prog rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Lividus has blended the more modern hard rock styles of bands such as Green Day to create a unique sound.

Digital Boy is their debut single and from personal experience tells the story of the potential dangers that technology can pose to vulnerable people.


  • Ric Hall
  • Holiday

In 1975, during the recording, one of the violinists turned one of their headphones around so it faced away from their head. At a certain pitch, the head phone fed back and created a small “tweet”. It wasn’t noticed till weeks later when the records were pressed and the recording studio was bankrupt.

In 2022 the song was successfully remastered to eliminate the “tweet”.

The song was released but the artist, Ric Hall, is now 79 just trying to get the song out there to be enjoyed.

Although a labeled a Christmas song … it is a song that can be enjoyed all year long.