groovin’ to the music #04

groovin’ to the music #04
a music series spotlighting talented seasoned & emerging artist perfect for any playlist.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

I’m going to keep this short…. check out the artist we have ‘our ear on ‘. Consider supporting them with a listen, a like, and/or a share.

In no special order … because they all deserve top spot.

A self-described music00000al nomad, Dante TK is exploring new horizons as a solo artist. Dante TK started playing the guitar in 2012, which got everything rolling in the right direction towards rock n’ roll addiction.

My sound is a reflection of my inspirations combined with featured artists on vocals for the most part to become the songs I present to you.

City to Burn is a Halloween track with a spooky vibe. Got a chill beat with a violin intro and just the right vibe for October.

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Belbett is busy producing music with passion meets Malbo who has amazing talent for quick writing and rhymes.

The two now working with producer Viex creating their own songs and some collabs, with Imaginando being the first big release!

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M!GRANE is an electronic music producer from Montreal, Canada.

Desolation is very energetic, mid-tempo electronica song perfect for working out, gaming, or just getting an energy boost.

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MAYDAY is cry for help. If you’ve ever felt down on yourself and needed to scream at the top of your lungs, this is the song.

Heavy, authentic, intentional, and far deeper than first listen.

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Tony Marino has become one of our favorites, always surprising and satisfying us with new, emotion inducing, original compositions.

Your Bad Self is constructed around a memorable fretless bass line and builds itself into an irresistible swing. – IndieBandGuru

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Krystal Brown is an indie dance artist who writes all of her own material. She is currently promoting her latest album “Sugar Free”.

One Blood is an uplifting dance song reminding us that we are all one people no matter what we look like. We are all brothers and sisters and we should not be violent to one another. We should treat each other with kindness.

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Talk My Shit is a catchy song with a modern feel and a mix of old school hip hop lyricism behind it. Whether your young or an old head hip hop lover you will enjoy this song.

Written and performed by Louisville, Ky rap artist, D.K. LaFresh, it features another Louisville native Joe Jones502 to help slay the track.

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Chael is an independent singer/songwriter from Manila. Back in late 2018, Chael released his first single ‘2AM Love’ which gained swift traction of over 1 million streams in just a few months.

Friends With A Cheater is a song about the emotional consequences people experience when they’re caught in-between the crossfire of cheating. The conversation is always about the cheater and the victim, but never the friends who are forced to pick a side or even worse, stay quiet.

Chael aims to raise awareness that in the very common scheme of things, especially between men, cheating is never okay.

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Fifi C, vocalist and songwriter, has always been a creative person, with experience performing in minor theatre productions and studying music at The BRIT School, a British performing and creative arts school located in London, where she graduated in 2020.

Today’s younger generation has seen an increase in being overly self-critical with pressures from social media, mental health or societal issues.

I think people have forgotten the simple, innocent lives, we all led when we were babies. ‘Baby Me’ is a call for people to look after their younger self because [they] ‘never asked to be.’ – Fifi C

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in a nut shell …

Made inspired by Chase Atlantic | Hard meaning over an ambienced beat | This is the third version of the track and finally chosen | A growing up artist from Mexico | Inspired principally by Rap but versatile | A lyricist that provides skill on each track/

consider giving all the playlist a spin … full of fresh, good music for all to enjoy!